2. beatsbyesta:

    Download my new tape So On now!

    A collection of tracks i made on my asia tour + a few extras <3

    Click HERE to download!


  3. stayingunderground:

    Aches // Knotts

    S p r i n g  V i b e s


  4. lafuerzanegroinspiration:


    Mistah Rapsey // MusicalDopeTrip Vol.1

    this is where the trippin’ all began.

    1. MusicalDopeTrip (intro)
    2. Cunninlynquists - Never Come Down (The Brownie Song)
    3. Mos Def - Beauty In The Dark ft. Ron Isley (Unreleased)
    4. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - I’m Glad
    5. Madlib - The Mystery (Dilla’s Still Here)
    6. Seeed - Top Of The City
    7. Beck - Walls
    8. DJ Shadow - Transmission 2 
    9. Hieroglyphics - Make Your Move ft. Goapele
    10. RJD2 - Games You Can Win ft. Kenna
    11. Haphazard - What Am I Supposed To Do ft. Bubbz
    12. MaGr - Laminated Looseleafs ft. Blu (Small Pro Remix)
    13. Citizen Cope - Pablo Picasso
    14. Reef the Lost Cauze - Rhymes Like Dimes
    15. Apple Juice Kid - Hello Dolly (intro)
    16. Atmosphere - Sunshine
    17. Fly Gypsy - You
    18. Blue Scholars - Sagaba
    19. Strong Arm Steady - Best of Times ft. Phonte
    20. Mos Def - Auditorium ft. Slick Rick
    21. RZA - Biochemical Equation ft MF DOOM

    released: feb. tenth, twenty-ten

    alt. dl > mediafire.com/download/MusicalDopeTrip+Vol.1.zip

    yoppppppp! I still have this mix.

    thank you for introducing me to such great music that I was too lazy to venture out and find at the time that i discovered your mixtapes lol.

    y’all need to follow this awesome guy Mistahhhhhh Rapsey!



  5. stayingunderground:

    Ataraxia (ἀταραξία “tranquility”) is a Greek term used by Pyrrho and Epicurus for a lucid state of robust tranquility, characterized by ongoing freedom from distress and worry.

    For the Epicureans, ataraxia was synonymous with the only true happiness possible for a person. It…

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  6. stayingunderground:

    Mistah Rapsey // Beyond The Sun (What It Feels Like)

    If anyone would like to create a cover for this mix get in touch.

    1. Banks - This Is What It Feels Like
    2. Phazz - Addiction
    3. Jon Hopkins - We Disappear
    4. ODESZA - How Did I Get Here?
    5. Mizan - Anxious
    6. Matthew E. White - Will You Love Me
    7. Amel Larrieux - Ur the Shhh
    8. Banks - Bedroom Wall
    9. Boards Of Canada - Sundown
    10. Basenji - Dawn
    11. Amel Larrieux - Orange Glow
    12. Dr.MaD & Megiapa - Beyond The Sun (R33 DRMWRKD)


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  7. "There remains an uneasiness with discussing American racism alongside the myth of American exceptionalism, because the myth is easier to digest. We continue to be asked to stop. We continue to be told we’ve won enough.

    Emancipation was supposed to be enough. ‘Separate but equal’ was supposed to be enough. Brown v. Board of Education was supposed to be enough. The Civil Rights/Voting Acts were supposed to be enough. Affirmative action was supposed to be enough. A black president is supposed to be enough. Yet, here we are, facing mass incarceration, food insecurity, chronic unemployment, the erosion of the social safety net, income inequality, housing discrimination, police brutality and the seemingly unending deaths of our young people at the hands of police and armed vigilantes. Pardon the ‘profound gloom.’

    What some call depression or pessimism, I would call impatience and rage. Our impatience and rage is what has produced progress. That we are still impatient and angry reflects not black people’s failing but how far America still has to go. My question/challenge to white people who claim to be on the side of equality and justice: when will you get just as angry that these things have been done in your name?"
    — Mychal Denzel Smith, "The Function of Black Rage" (via ethiopienne)

  8. jdottdot:


    CunninLynguists // Never Come Down (The Brownie Song)

    I featured this song on my first mixtape MusicalDopeTrip Vol.1 which I re-released on SoundCloud a couple months ago. If you haven’t heard it yet acquaint yourself with this classic blazing music.

    "I can’t stop feeling high". Definitely part of my 4/20 playlist

    Classic 4/20 music.

  9. rappcats:

    Madlib, Hudson Mohawk – Milan, April 2014

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  10. ethiopienne:





    hey y’all, please consider participating anonymously or otherwise. there are so many complex reasons victims/survivors do not report, and i want to help create space for us to feel empowered in sharing them.

    you can submit anonymously here (anon asks are on) or using your twitter handle through the hashtag <3

    i won’t be posting anything submitted via tumblr in the hashtag until monday 4/14 at 7pm, but you’re welcome to begin submitting now. i’ve already seen a few that are breaking my heart. you are all powerful beyond measure.

    another quick clarification: tumblr’s submit option for non-users asks for a name and email address but you can give fakes for both of those—and either way i would never share them.

    this is a great idea Hannah. also, for ppl like me who have twitter but dont really use it unless i know something is happening, this is nice to be prepared w/ lol

    This is a great idea. There needs to be more conversation about why; even the most earnest of allies who are not survivors cannot comprehend why “more reporting” is not something that will “fix” anything.

    just a reminder that this will be happening tonight at 7pm ET/4 pm PT. i haven’t posted anything in the hashtag yet and there are a LOT of submissions, but i’ll do my best to post everything! plz continue submitting if you want to share your story or tweet it later.

  11. vivaillajams:


    Original illustration created by Jamilla Okubo for the cover of Love Life Music, a mix by Mistah Rapsey.

    follow her tumblr @vivaillajams

    Original Illustration by me :)

    Jamilla your talent is undeniable!


  12. Shout out to everyone that reposts my mixes on SoundCloud & Tumblr.

  13. yagazieemezi:


    Just came across the artwork of Jamilla Okubo, a Kenyan artist and textile designer currently attending Parsons and majoring in Integrated Fashion Design. Collaging prints and paint, Okubo’s colorful illustrations carries what I see as the promise of a very creative and successful future. Can’t wait to see what more this young student has to offer. 

  14. dynamicafrica:

    ART: Jamilla Okubo.

    If her name sounds in any way familiar, it might be because you saw this work of hers posted previously on Dynamic Africa. If not, the above images should surely make her name and artwork identifiable to you in the future. 

    Okubo is an up-and-coming textile design artist whose work expands into paintings, garment designs, illustrations and more.

    Fancy her work? Why not own it (or gift it)! If it’s pillow cases you want, iPad and laptop skins, framed artwork, clothing or mugs - her work is all for sale in these various mediums.

    Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Google+ | YouTube | Soundcloud | Mixcloud

    All Africa, All the time.

  15. vivaillajams:


    Staying Underground > LoveLifeMusic > 2014

    This mix was created out of the overwhelming love and appreciation I have for what music has done for my life.

    1. Marvin Gaye - I’ve Got Music
    2. Robots Don’t Sleep - So Bad (Synkro Dub Mix)
    3. Jungle - Drops
    4. Andew Ashong - Flowers.
    5. Nick Hakim - Pour Another
    6. Philip Grass - All I Need (Devonwho Remix)
    7. IAMNOBODI - Try Me (Ft. Ego Ella May)
    8. Amel Larrieux - Get Up
    9. Tumi - Be With Me [Interlude]
    10. DirgGerner - Got You Back
    11. Iman Europe - 1_1000000
    12. D’Angelo - Your Precious Love (Ft. Erykah Badu)
    13. Blackalicious - Make You Feel That Way


    Mix > Mistah Rapsey
    Artwork > Jamilla Okubo

    This mixtape really does show his love for music and happiness in life. Words can’t describe this mix so just listen to it!. The feelings are so strong in this mix it’s beautiful.

    Illustration by me :D

    Stream and Download the mix y’all!